My (Current) Favorite Workday Breakfast

8 thoughts on “My (Current) Favorite Workday Breakfast”

  1. Congrats on cooking healthy for yourself ! 🙂 I started doping this a while back an now pretty much avoid anything in a package like the plague. Even found a healthy recipe for Rice Pilaf so I can no enjoy that again! Shoot me a message if you’d like the recipe. It’s DELICIOUS Look into Chef Christina Pierello . She’s vegan -wait-plese give me a chance LOL!-What I love about her is each ingredient she uses has a specific purpose and she tells you why it is being used. I really like that. It’s easy to use your own ingredients. If you like something, put it in even if it’s not vegan if that’s not your style. I am not 100% vegan- I love Sushi & Sashimi so can’t ever give fish up. She’s got a FANTASTIC Eggless Egg Salad. Maker iot when nobody is home….serve it for lunch-NOBODY will be able to tell it’s vegan-it tastes EXACTLY like egg salad, texture and all. Cooking is good therapy!


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      1. You’re welcome. I’ll go through the cupboard tomorrow to get them, ok? I managed to get my dad to even eat the eggless egg salad. LOVED It…until he founds the recipe, “Is this what you made me at yesterday?” Oh quitcherwhining…you didn’t know the difference the day you ate it. He ‘hated’ it so much he had 2 sandwiches of it but now won’t touch it because it’s not egg salad. I wish I had all the stuff to make it tomorrow for lunch with a nice bowl of soup but don’t have all the ingredients.


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