Homemade French Bread

I don’t have a lot of experience with baking homemade breads yet.  I do ok with quick, non-yeast breads.  I’ve started trying out some yeast breads.  I don’t have a stand mixer, so this is all muscle work (aka: therapy).  I’ve not gotten it quite right yet, the breads are still heavy, but they are … Continue reading Homemade French Bread

Veggie Soup 

Winter is here in Indiana. So as we hover at the freezing mark, soup is a good way to stay warm.  I took a shortcut today and started with a couple cans of vegetable soup for the base.  I’m really trying to clean out the freezer and my pantry.  Lunch today is using up some … Continue reading Veggie Soup 

Pizza Burgers

Today’s lunch was about quick and using up some supplies on hand.  Pizza burgers were a favorite when I was in school. I forget about making this quick and easy favorite.  I had a package of hamburger buns that needed used up, but not enough ground beef to make burgers or sloppy joes.  I did … Continue reading Pizza Burgers